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Gastsby is first introduced in conversation by Jordan Baker. After learning that Nick Carraway lives in West Egg, she sometime later remarked that she knew a man who lived there, by the name of Gatsby. At that first moment, Nick tells the reading audience that he didn't have the chance to tell the group that Gatsby was his neighbor.

Another point worth noting that will become important later is that Daisy with shock wondered at the name, mentioning it twice rather quickly. It was as if there was some familiarity to the last name.

Moments later in the book, Nick tells Jordan Baker in secret that Gatsby is his neighbor. This is quickly abandoned.

In the last page of the chapter, Gatsby is no longer a secretive idea that is quickly silenced, but a silhouette in his expansive yard leisurely wondering about. Nick notices that he seems somewhat in his own element as he watches Gatsby reaching toward a green light across the bay. For a moment Gatsby appeared to be trembling and then Nick loses sight of him.

Gatsby's introduced is steeped in symbolism and highly mysterious.

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