How is gastronomy a part of our culture today?

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"Gastronomy" is defined as being the art and science of fine eating with an emphasis on gourmet foods and dinning experiences. Some words related to "gastronomy" that are at times mentioned when discussing gastronomy in today's contemporary culture are:

  • gastronome: one knowledgeable of the art or science of fine eating (i.e., in gastronomy)
  • gastronomist: one who actively combines theory of gastronomy with the practice of gastronomy (i.e., one who cooks)
  • gourmand: one who is fond of good eating, sometimes referring to one who enjoy good food to excess; derived from the Old French root gormant, meaning a glutton
  • gourmet: a connoisseur of fine food and drink, (i.e., no inherent connotation of excess as is possible with "gourmand," root < OF "gormant")
  • gastronomy: the art or science of good or fine eating; attributed to the title of a poem by French attorney Joseph Berchoux, "Gastronomie" (1801)

While gastronomy originally indicated those who dwelt upon classic and haute cuisine, with interest confined to...

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