How would Frindle be different if told from Mrs. Granger's point of view?

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Frindle would be a completely different story if told from Mrs. Granger's point of view, as we would be getting the more "truthful" angle!

In the book, fifth grader Nick Allen comes under fire from his widely disliked English teacher, Mrs. Granger, after he invents "frindle," a new name for...

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a pen. The book follows Nick as his linguistic creation gains attention across the nation and scorn from Mrs. Granger. Mrs. Granger believes this new word disrespects the word "pen," and she tries to punish any student who uses it. 

At the end of the story, it is revealed Mrs. Granger believed in Nick the whole time and intentionally acted as a devil's advocate against the use of "frindle" to create more buzz around it and make it popular.

Thus, had the story been told from Mrs. Granger's perspective, we would be much more sympathetic to her character, as it would be clear she had Nick's best intentions at heart the whole time.

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