How is freedom, slavery??And can you have sections of the book where I can look for evidence as quotes?

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missy575 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I see freedom being slavery in life when we make a choice with our freewill that over time becomes something we are bound to.

Orwell's entire point in writing 1984 had to do with warning even the capitalists in the world that they to can be bound. Sometimes, with the effort to make money, we become dependent on what it does for us. Then we are in a cycle of addiction. Once in the cycle, an unforeseen problem often occurs. Greed causes human relationships to fail or even deteriorate. Many other things can bind us and keep us from living to our full potentials, some relationships do this for example. Sometimes a job or even a career does this - think of all the times you've seen an over-worked parent on a television show neglecting their children.

I see this cycle in Winston's life when he grows comfortable with the hide-out about the shop he believes he has created for Julia and himself. He believes the shop owner is on his side, or at least that the shop owner is trustworthy. Thus, here he has a false sense of freedom. He is duped into believing the safety of that place while all the time he is being watched and slowly captured because they are catching him in not just thoughtcrime, but actually uttering the words aloud of Goldstein's book.

Likewise the people, the proles, are kept so oblivious to what is really going on because every document ever printed is edited by the government, that they would never know they are really being kept in slavery, or at least under control. I would search for evidences of this in Books 1 and 2 when Winston is actually at work editing history by destroying papers.

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