how is fragmentation used in Preludes compared to how it is used in the love song of J.Alfred Prufrock and the hollow men?

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It's difficult to respond to this question without seeming to express a critique of Eliot's verse that is not entirely positive. However, since Eliot has held an iconic status in the literary and intellectual world for a century, negative criticism is essentially irrelevant. Those features of his verse that do not conform to "traditional" poetic standards are those very things, often, that make his poetry so important and meaningful and that have been so influential in the modernist movement as a whole.

"Preludes" would seem to be, of the three named works in your question, the most straightforward, with each poem setting a mood and revealing the thoughts of those stuck in a grim urban milieu. If there is fragmentation, it consists of the use of truncated lines such as

The grimy scraps

Of withered leaves about your feet


The showers beat

On broken blinds and chimney-pots.

But there is also an arbitrary quality to the imagery, in which a disconnect is apparent, as in

The morning comes to...

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