How are the four seasons symbolic for Dexter in "Winter Dreams"?

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In “Winter Dreams,” each of the four seasons symbolizes a different stage and aspect of Dexter’s aspirations to wealth and an upper class status. The cyclical seasonal calendar parallels the fluctuations of his attitudes towards his goal of acceptance by higher social circles (as represented by Judy Jones).

During the winter, Dexter feels depressed with what he has; he dreams of what he wants but cannot yet attain. To him, winter is oppressive and sterile. During long winters in Minnesota, he feels melancholy that the signs of money and leisure—the course at Sherry Island Golf Club—are hidden and trapped.

on the tees where the gay colors fluttered in summer there were now only the desolate sand-boxes knee-deep in crusted ice.

The wind is miserable, and even the sun brings no warmth or hope. It just imposes a sharp, painful glare. Years later, after his first summer fling with Judy,

succeeding Dexter's first exhilaration came restlessness and dissatisfaction. The helpless ecstasy...

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