Discuss the different examples of courage in Act III.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that Act III features some distinct moments of courage.  Giles Corey probably leads the way with his unwillingness to name names.  When Corey is "pressed" by the court to reveal the name of his informant about Putnam, he refuses to do so.   Corey shows courage in that he is unable to "bring harm" to another individual, something that he knows he did regarding his wife's mention.  It is here where I think that Corey shows a great deal of courage in being able to demonstrate the need to voice dissent in a social order that is fundamentally wrong.  At the same time, Proctor shows courage at the end of the act when he literally lashes out at the court.  His statement of "God is Dead" is reflective of his own disgust at Salem and all who has profited from the false accusations and ruining of lives.  In this, I think that courage is evident in that Proctor has finally developed the courage himself to rebel against what he knows is wrong.  At the same time, courage is present in that he will not be victimized by the court or Abigail.  It is here where I think that courage is most readily evident.