How are Candy, Crooks, and Curley's wife isolated and lonely?

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Candy is lonely because the loss of his hand leaves him unable to work with others, while the loss of his dog deprives him of a source of companionship. Crooks is physically separated from the other men on the ranch because of his race. Curley's wife is lonely because she is the only woman on the ranch. As a result, she has no one to talk to.

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Candy is isolated in that after the loss of his hand he is unable to work alongside the other men and is reduced to the role of swamper. Once his dog has been shot Candy has little else to live for and is desperately lonely. He is powerless and afraid of the future. He does not go into town with the other men, and sees the inclusion in George and Lennie’s dream as the only way out.


Crooks is isolated because of his race, his disability and his deep mistrust of others. He is physically separated from the other men and has his own room in the barn. His crooked back means that like candy he has limited social or work contact with the other men as he tends the horses. His loneliness forces him to acquiesce when Lennie tries to talk to him. Crooks withdraws his request to be part of Lennie and George’s dream after Curley’s wife puts him in his place. His understandable suspicions and fears about how others treat him return and he cannot see beyond the prejudice he has always experienced.


Curley’s wife is the only woman on the ranch and has no-one who will talk to her – including her husband. Her sexuality isolates her from the other characters. She is bored and lonely, but her attempts to engage the attention of the men on the ranch only serve to push them further away from her. She has already given up on her dream of a better life as a movie star and appears to hang her hopes on any man who will listen, as Lennie appears to.

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Candy, Crooks, and Curley's wife the following characters are isolated in many ways. crooks is isolated because of his colour it was hard in those days to be accepted for who you are not your colour. in candy's case being an old black man livin in the barn all by himself is force to make life easy by adapting he may never adapt but has pretend that he can adapt but deep inside he knows he willl never be acepted for who he actually is. when he gets an opputunity he lashes all his anger out on poor vulnerable lenny and tells him that george wont come back making lenny feel upset. he says that he would like to be part of the of the dream but quickly retreats himself as he knows he will not be accepted.

curleys wife is isolated because she is ot wanted by society as she is a woman. the fact thw she doesnt a have her own name expalins alot especiallt that she is a propety of curley in this case of curley. curleys wife wife is also misolated because she needs to find counsalation in lennt telling him about her being a star if her mum ahd let her she is craving for so much attention is forced to go to lenny who ends up killing. she neds to find redemption but how. she is not an archetypal characetr meaninng she doesnt appear in many stories. no one wants to talk to her as they consider her as a rroble maker and premiscous. she tries to gain attention from the men with her femine charm only to find she will be pushed away.


candy is isolated because after the lost of his and his broken arm he is unable to survive and fell wanted , once his dog is shot there is nothing left for him to live for . the person who shot candys dog done it without any remorse but candy deep inside knows he should of shot the dog himself. beimg a part of george and lenny dream is the only way to take his mind of the future

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Candy is isolated because of his disability and his dog that is not so fresh smelling.  Further, when  his dog gets shot he does not have much to live for.  He cannot work with the other men and now has lost his one friend in the world.

Crooks is isolated mainly due to his race.  He is excluded from the other workers because he is black and disabled.  This isolation is not only a mental one for Crooks but a physical one as he has to sleep in the stable.  He also thinks that most people are out to harm him so it is difficult for him to form any relationships even if they were available to him.

Curley's Wife is isolated because she is the only woman.  ALso, Curley prefers she not interact with anyone eventhough he really doesn't like her.  In her attempt to get away from a bad situation she has isolated herself by marrying Curley because of his control issues.

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