How does Fogg end up meeting Passepartout in Yokohama?

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Passepartout, Fogg's servant, ends up separated from Fogg, Aouda, and Detective Fix. (Fix tricks Passepartout and gets him drunk and allows him to be drugged with opium.) This dilemma once again causes trouble for Fogg who has a time restraint (80 days) to complete his journey around the world. Fix drugs Passepartout because Fix believes that Fogg is a robber; Fix is determined to do just about anything, including drugging Fogg's manservant, to keep Fogg in Hong Kong and bring him to justice for his supposed crimes (ch. 19).

Passepartout ends up boarding the ship (the Carnatic) on time even though he is intoxicated, but Fogg does not get the updated information about the ship's early departure; Fogg and his companions end up missing the boat. This leaves Passepartout alone in Yokohama, Japan. He has little money and needs some way to buy food. Fogg and his friends board another ship (The Tankadere) to get to Japan.

In chapter 23, Passepartout comes across a troupe of acrobats, jugglers, and clowns (a Japanese circus.) He ends up gaining employment with Batulcar's troupe. In one of their shows, Passepartout is asked to be a part of a human cluster (like a human pyramid). Fogg, who has arrived at in Japan, ends up in the audience of this performance. Passepartout sees him in the audience; he immediately jumps out of the pyramid, allowing the entire structure to fall to the ground. His boss, Batulcar, is very upset at first until Fogg intervenes offering money in reparation for the chaos Passepartout created.

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