How is the first "Green Revolution" similar or different from the current "Green Movement"?

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The previous posts have addressed the topic quite nicely.  I would only add that while there is not much that the current movement pulls from the original revolution, the overall deep sense of environmental ethics are present in both.  Probably more of an unintended consequence, the modern movement of environmental respect and understanding brings forth the idea that the Green Revolution understood the importance of the Earth to the daily lives of its inhabitants.  Revolution in farming techniques only underscores its importance.  This would be the same principle in the Green Movement, in that a shared understanding that the Earth is something that "feeds" us all and benefits us all is extremely important.

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I see that you have tagged this with "William Gaud."  This means that you are talking about the Green Revolution that had to do with increasing agricultural production.  To me, that "revolution" was very different from what I think of as the "Green Movement" of today.

To me, the term "Green Movement" refers to an increase in environmental awareness.  It refers to people trying to consume less, use alternative energy sources, etc.

By contrast, the Green Revolution did not worry about any of that sort of thing.  It was all about coming up with better breeds of plants and such to increase food production.

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