How did the fire start in Anna Sewell's Black Beauty? Why was Ginger moving worriedly inside the stable? Why does the master say to James, "My brave lad! ... are you hurt?"?

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In Chapter 16, Black Beauty of Anna Sewell's story narrates the account of how he had been subjected to a stable fire.

He and Ginger had been chosen to drive Squire Gordon and his wife to visit some friends in a village 46 miles away. They were with James, their stable hand, and stopped for the night  at a hotel, halfway through their journey. After James had made sure both Ginger and Beauty were well taken care of, he left the stable. Beauty reports that, later in the evening, a new traveler's horse was brought in, and while that horse was being tended to, a "young man with a pipe in his mouth" came in to chat with the hostler. The hostler asked his friend to go up into the loft to lay down some hay for the horse, and...

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