how to find the volume of 11 grams of CO2 gas. -All gas volumes are measured at RTP (25 degress celcius and 101.3 kPa) -Molar volume 24.47 at RTP well i don't really understand this I have a crappy teacher who didn't teach us and just said "do it" This is about moles The title of the book says: Introduction to Basic Stoichiometric calculation I did the question and working out but there are no answers so I wanted to see if my answers were right

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The unit of Molar volume is L/mol so at RTP, the molar volume is 24.47 L/mol. To get the volume of the CO2 gas, we have to multiply the molar volume with the moles of CO2.

Moles of CO2 = mass CO2/molar mass CO2

Moles of CO2 = 11 grams CO2/44 grams mol-1 CO2

Moles of CO2 = 0.25 moles CO2


Volume of CO2 gas = Molar Volume (at RTP) x moles of CO2

Volume of CO2 gas = 24.47 L/mole x 0.25 moles

Volume of CO2 gas = 6.1175 L = 6.1 Liters




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