How to find the surface area if its 1cm x 2cm x 4cm

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By the dimensions listed I assume you are referring to a rectangular prism.  This is like a 3D rectangle with a length, width, and depth.  Imagine a 3D rectangular solid with a length of 4 cm, a width of 2 cm, and a depth (or "thickness") of 1 cm.  The total surface area of the solid is the sum of the areas of all six of the surface faces.  So there will be two faces with an area of 4*2=8 cm, two faces with an area of 4*1=4 cm, and two faces with an area of 2*1=2 cm.   So the total surface area will be 8+8+4+4+2+2=28 cm.

The surface area is 28 cm.

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