Integral Of Te^t

How to find the integral of int(te^t, -e^(-2t), te^t(^2)) dt?

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1. `int te^t dt`

Integrate by parts.  u = t and dv = e^t.  Then du = 1 and v = e^t


`=te^t-int e^t dt`



2. `int -e^(-2t)dt`

You could use substitution, but I like to just think "what would the derivative of e^-2t be?  -2e^-2t.  So we have half of that:

`1/2 e^(-2t)+c`


3.  `int te^(t^2) dt`

Think "what would the derivative of `e^(t^2)` be?  `2te^(t^2)` . Again, we just have half of that in our integral, so answer is








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