Is the following sentence supportable? "Television destroyed communication among friends and family."

Expert Answers
belarafon eNotes educator| Certified Educator

One of the largest problems with TV is that it encourages a personal, non-social medium for entertainment; while some reality TV shows encourage viewer interaction (voting for favorites) most is composed of passive entertainment, news, and information. Sitting and watching TV takes time away from family and friends, even when viewing in a group. Author Ray Bradbury famously based part of his novel Fahrenheit 451 on the isolating power of media, especially television. During television's boom years, almost every modern social interaction was informed or affected by TV in some way; think about how shows like Seinfeld directly changed the language and attitudes of modern life. As people became used to getting their information from TV instead of from other people, communication became more and more difficult unless influenced by the "same" TV shows. Even today many people gain their social norms and habits from copying their favorite TV shows; many more have little outside interaction beyond talking about TV. This problem is getting somewhat less important as the Internet replaces TV, and since the Internet encourages social activity (of a sort) the problems with TV isolation may be receding. These days, Internet devices are far more influential (both positively and negatively) than television. However, there are still cases of TV addiction, anti-social behavior directly related to television viewing, and neglect of loved ones in favor of TV.