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esoppelt eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Plays are available in many lengths but script length is generally calculated in acts, scenes or minutes of performance length. Just like books are divided up into chapters play scripts are divided into acts and scenes. Acts are the bigger division; generally there are several scenes within an act and several acts within a script. Full length scripts generally have three or five acts with a variety of scenes within each act.

There are also shorter scripts than traditional full length plays. One act plays can be a few pages or almost the length of a full length play but they have only one act. Shorter than that are ten minute plays and one minute plays. They, as their names suggest, run about ten minutes and one minute when performed.

Searching ten minute plays and one minutes plays online would be a place to start to find an eight page play. There are many free scripts online on sites like and A general rule of thumb is that each page of a script will equal about a minute of performance time.