How is the ferret in "Sredni Vashtar" linked to death?

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In the short story "Sredni Vashtar" by H.H. Munro (Saki), the ferret is not only linked to death but also it is worshiped as a god by Conradin, the sickly ten-year-old boy, and is responsible for both of them being free at the end of the tale.

It is clear from the onset of the story that the ferret is dangerous because Conradin is scared of the "sharp-fanged beast." However, through his imagination, the creature becomes a weapon against The Woman, Mrs. De Ropp, his domineering cousin and guardian.

Conradin worships the ferret, Sredni Vastar, with celebratory festivals. When Mrs. De Ropp has a toothache, Conradin tries to convince himself it is because of the ferret. This incident foreshadows Mrs. De Ropp's death and the believed power of Sredni Vashtar, the god.

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