How are females represented in media including magazine covers and music? Specifically relate examples to the image provided.

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When it comes to portraying women in the media, there are various ways females are represented or portrayed.  Women are often viewed in sexy poses.  Their clothes are flashy, and their appearance is flawless.  Women's images are designed to grab the attention of the readers.  Whether these readers are younger women or males, the pictures shown are ones of flash, glamour, sex appeal, and a glorious lifestyle.  These images place a lot of pressure on young women who want to be like the famous star, in this case Ariana Grande, who they believe leads a perfect life.  This representation of women, as seen in the picture above, places a great deal of emphasis on external factors instead of on what the person may really be like.  Often times, the emphasis is one of appearance instead of one of substance.  This is a tremendous pressure to place on young women.  Many women complain how they get judged differently from men. (Just look at some of the comments from the recent political debates and campaigning.)  The image shown in the picture above adds to this feeling many women have.

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