Feed Questions and Answers
by M. T. Anderson

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How is Feed by M.T Anderson an example of a text based on the concept of 'convictions'?

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To properly answer this question one must analyze Anderson's dossier and determine whether he, as an individual, is partial to the themes that he presents in Feed.

Being that Anderson is still evolving as a writer, and his dossier is quite varied, your other option is to analyze the author's consistency in the treatment of specific topics within the novel, and determine from there what is his posture on the matter.

Feed, as a sample of cyberpunk literature, belongs to a genre in which angst, preoccupation, and social discontent reflect that "something" is operating quite wrongly within the system. This is because, as it works itself oppositional to the system, it also penetrates the lifestyle of the characters, making them equally dysfunctional.

The dysfunctional element within the dystopian society inFeedis the intrusion of large corporations in the personal lives and the psyche of the characters. The corporations disenfranchise individuals by taking away their own free will and, instead,  "feeding" them with materialistic images and with instantly gratifying communication.

Everything that goes on, goes on on the feed

As a result, society (personified by Titus, and his other teenager friends) becomes so saturated with the consumerist images brought in by the feed that they turn almost automated by it; they speak the way that they hear conversations in the advertisements, they live to acquire what the advertisements offer, and nothing else matters.

Seeing how strongly the author points out the influence of technology and corporate greed in the minds of the future generations, we can safely conclude that Anderson's novel does serve as a medium to warn about the dangers of allowing ourselves to be led by "the powers that be" rather than by our own free-will and reasoning.

There is, indeed a massive amount of influence by corporations to sell products that ease our lives...but, to what point? Also, the target audience of these corporations, even today, is the younger generation; those future citizens of the world who will lead the way on how things will be. Anderson certainly has taken a side to this matter, and he is warning us strongly about it.




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