How is Dr. Paul Farmer similar to philosopher Peter Singer in regards to social justice?

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In Peter Singer's The Singer Solution to World Poverty, he proposes that humans, especially those who are living comfortable lives, should donate all of their money to the impoverished of the world instead of spending their money on luxuries. One could argue that Dr. Paul Farmer, a world-renowned infectious disease physician, lives out Singer's philosophy. While Farmer certainly has the credentials, skills, and contacts to live a life of luxury and fame, he chooses to devote almost all of his income and skills to the ill and impoverished people of struggling countries such as Haiti. Even when Farmer is in the United States working in Boston, he strives to help the addicted poor who are in his care. He spends personal money on basic necessities for his patients and operates a charity with the sole mission of providing medical care and necessities to the poor of the world. When Farmer is in Haiti, he maintains a Spartan existence so that all of his resources can be devoted to conquering TB and other medical issues in countries like Haiti.

Both men promote social justice through trying to provide equality for all people in regards to their access to basic necessities. Dr. Farmer is, arguably, the more admirable of the two men, because he consistently lives out the philosophy that he advocates.