how far is the title "the tiger in the tunnel" appropriate?

arpita12 | Student

The title of the story 'The tiger in the tunnel' is aptly justified as the story begins with an eeriness in the surrounding of the remote rural rail station with rumours of the the predator's occasional appearance there. A deadly combat between the tiger and Baldeo on that fateful night wounded Baldeo fatally. Though severely wounded by Baldeo's multiple attacks , the tiger also met with the same fate as Baldeo as it was killed by the speeding train in the tunnel. The tiger emerged from the surroundings of the tunnel and its life terminated in the tunnel changing permanently the fate of a family as with Baldeo's death the minor child Tembu was forced to take up adult responsibilities at such a tender age.

user2130344 | Student

"The Tiger in the tunnel" this title is appropriate for this stori because the whole stori is based on the tiger which is living near the tunnel.