How far should ethical relativism dominate decision making in a global village.ethical relativism,decision-making

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We have to make some concessions for differences in culture in a global economy. If we want to trade with someone, we have to learn the ways of his culture. Some of these customs or values may conflict with our own or seem strange. But we really don't have the right to judge another culture just because we are trading with it.
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Knowledge is one thing, truth is another; to mistake the two is a grievous error.  "Situation ethics" is a euphemism of this Brave New World of fashionable sin, and hedonism.  Wrong is forever wrong.  Right is forever right, and the twain shall never meet.

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In general terms, ethical relativism is a bad idea, for there is no clear, unmoving standard of right/wrong, acceptable/unacceptable, or whatever other pairing you might use. The possible consequences of such a system both for an individual and a community are dire. As soon as the word "global" is interjected into the conversation, however, relativism almost becomes necessary in order to satisfy the varying standards of acceptable conduct.