In the novel To Sir, with Love, what is the role of love?

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In its different forms, I would say that love plays a fairly important role in Braithwaite's work.  On  one hand, there is the obvious love that Braithwaite develops for his students.  While not evident at the outset, over the course of the narrative, Braithwaite and his students develop a love for one another because both see one another in the vein of respect and true regard.  With the success he experiences in the classroom, Braithwaite becomes loved by the community, as well.  There are some intimations that Braithwaite and Blanchard might have some feelings for love for one another and that Pamela Dare is infatuated with Braithwaite.  Yet, I think that the greatest level of love and its strongest display is most present with how Braithwaite comes to view the craft of teaching.  By the end of the narrative, Braithwaite comes to understand that his true identity is that of a teacher and with this, there is a level of love present.  It is not that he "loves" teaching, which Braithwaite certainly might feel.  Yet, rather it is the secure understanding that his identity as a human being is linked to the craft and vocation of teaching.  This shows an internalized love or connection to teaching and the profession of being an educator.

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Love has played the most important role in the novel,it has mainly helped in eliminating the differences between the blacks and the whites that existed in the minds of the school children.Then it is power of the relation between Braithewaite and Miss Blanchard,the only reason for continuation of their relationship.It gives them the power to fight against the racial abuse.His love changes the children, turning hate into love and teenage rebelliousness into self respect.

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