How Far Is Heaven From Earth

How far is Heaven from Earth?

I have read that, the earthly telescopes or advanced ones can go through space until they reach a black envelop which, no machine from earth can ever penetrate through to the other side and they say on that other side that is were Heavenly Father God is. Do we have an idea of the distance we could travel if we said lets go to heaven now in a shuttle or something. I am excited to learn.  

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Karen P.L. Hardison eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This is an interesting question. Many strides have been taken in space exploration through Hubble and the Spitzer infrared space telescopes. Each year brings an expansion to the distance to which scientists can see thanks to these space telescopes that orbit in space rather than view space from Earth. It is possible that your source of information got his or her data mixed together and told two or more advancements as one. I suspect the first is this. Hubble has in recent years detected "black envelopes" around (1) young protostars in early formation phases and (2) black holes inside black envelopes of swirling gas.

I suspect the second may be this. Astronomers and cosmologists now think that "dark flow" indicates a proof of the multiverse theory. Scientists now suggest another bubble multiverse is at the edge of our universe and is exerting a strange pull. This pull is causing the cosmic microwave background (CMB) to ripple and is causing the galaxies all over the universe to flow in the same direction toward one specific locale--this is opposed to a uniform unrippled expansion that spreads outward in all directions from one central locale.

When these two cosmological accounts (i.e., black envelopes and multiverse dark flow) combine casually, you may get something that sounds rather like "they reach a black envelop which no machine from earth can ever penetrate through to the other side, and they say on that other side that is where Heavenly Father God is." For a person of religious faith, a reasonable counter-argument to the multiverse theory might be that the '"structure" at the edge of our universe is Heaven--beyond the bounds of space and time--and that it is exerting a pulling spiritual influence upon our universe.

As to distance, this is an unanswerable question because we do not know if the farthest thing Hubble has detected is the last farthest thing: we don't know yet where the edge of our universe is. Further, God is super-natural thus beyond the confines of nature, i.e., space and time. As of May 2011, an explosion of a gamma-ray burst was labeled the probable farthest thing seen in the universe; it is estimated to be 13.14 billion miles away. Do remember that God, Yahweh, the Lord God Almighty, Allah, is by definition outside space and time and therefore at no set distance, as distance is a function of space and time.

Noelle Thompson eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Oh my, I'm afraid if you are looking for a physical place, you are going to be disappointed.  In the general Christian tradition at least, Heaven has everything to do with faith and nothing to do with science.  A soul is spiritual (not physical), so you can see how the soul will not exist in a physical place; however, we are promised to be united with our bodies someday only through the power of God.

Perhaps an even more interesting question would be as follows:  Why are we always so intent on details about this subject?  Have faith, and someday you'll find out.  In the meantime, an interesting read for you would be Heaven is For Real, ... about a little boy who died briefly after his appendix burst, and who came back to tell the tale in a most amazing way.

However, if I can take a metaphorical look at your original question, ... considering the quality of morality on the earth right now, ... I'm afraid Heaven is far, FAR from earth.  ; )

stolperia eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The comments you were reading were apparently made or written by individuals who don't believe in an omnipresent God whose power and presence fills all creation. If you do believe in this type of Supreme Being, there is no need to know a number of miles in distance or a number of light years in travel time it would take to reach Heaven.

When the first Soviet cosmonauts came back from orbiting the Earth, they were quoted as saying that they had looked for God out the window of their spacecraft but hadn't seen Him. This is the same kind of thinking as what you read. If I were ever to go to outer space, I would see God's presence everywhere I looked!

pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Not everyone tries to understand why we would try to know where in the physical universe Heaven is.  God and Heaven are, by their very definition, so far beyond our comprehension that we probably wouldn't even understand what we were seeing if, for some reason, we could "see" where Heaven is.  I do not think that Heaven is some physical place (as we understand it) whose distance from Earth we can know.

literaturenerd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The way that I tend to look at Heaven location is where I find myself at the most peace. For me, Heaven is not necessarily a place which exists somewhere in the sky (in the same way that Hell does not exist under my feet). Heaven, again for me, is a place where I find the solitude, peace, and love I need from the things around me put there by God (my family, friends, etc.).

accessteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I don't believe heaven actually has a physical reality in our world or universe. I don't think therefore that we can physically journey to heaven on a space shuttle or craft. Let us remember that God made the world and the universe as being separate from him. When we die and move on to wherever we go to, I don't believe it will be in the same galaxy.

litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Heaven does not exist on the same plane as Earth. If you die, your soul cannot go to a physical place. Therefore Heaven is not a physical place. You may wish to think of these concepts as metaphors, rather than actual places.

blynn212014 | Student

I fear who all doubt almighty god he is real I don't halftwo explain myself you will be judged when the bible fulfills it's self so denied as you wish there is a heaven and a hell you will find out when he comes back for his people Jesus you are almighty have your way and for who ever says that God is not real you don't know that you have no proof and no evidence  stating heaven and he'll is not real I feel sorry for you 

truthistruth | Student

Orions belt

 M42 is located at a distance of 1,344 ± 20 light years and is the closest region of ... "star" in the sword of Orion, which are the three stars located south of Orion's Belt.

if you want to go ther just ask,believe and prepare.

Becareful though,what you ask for , because I once knew a man I dont know his name ...but he could not repeat what he saw (I wonder why)

Keep looking and do not stop for he is the god of impossible and come let us reason together he will surely answer what you seek.

Pray at midnight, be scantified always and ask. If you was hungry for something surely he would not give you a bone.

Hang on to your seat, define ALL PHYSICS pass the 2nd heaven (you MUST BE SCANTIFIED as  there are horror beyound your wildest comprehension!!! then finally with an invitation only , you may just get a glimpse of it after hours of searching and asking questions like this.

bless thee who look for The Most High

lilpac698 | Student

Heaven Isnt real neither is this jesus dude if you think about it how can a human juss appear anywhere or how did he get made and how did the people that made him get made and so on

minhphm9 | Student

First, My brain is a human, as a human brain I can only think as I think,my guess is that heaven is the most beautiful place where there is no cryingor sorrow ( as according to the bible ). Heaven does not belong to this universe, it is outside of the Universe where no cause and effect , or time exist,it is a forever place where you never grow old and you exist as  the most intelligent being full of beautiness beside God.The Universe as we know it, have numerous Stars, planets, black holes, etc...but within the Universe , it still dependent on cause and effect and time, for our human, it takes a numbers of light years to travel from one planet to another, but with God , who is the creator of the Universe, it only take him a second to travel from one place to another.




frizzyperm | Student

I have read that the earthly telescopes or advanced ones can go through space until they reach a black envelop which, no machine from earth can ever penetrate through to the other side and they say on that other side that is were Heavenly Father God is.

and I have read about a wonderful place called the Big Rock Candy Mountain, unfortunately, it wasn't true. Whatever you read, it was 100% religious propaganda and totally untrue.

mylord123 | Student

May God's overflowing wisdom be upon you all.Thank you.