How far do you agree with critics who suggest that Desdemona seems unable to be domesticated so she must be killed?

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gbeatty eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I agree with them very little indeed.

This forces a reading on the play Othello, one that I don't buy. Look at the extensive stage time given to Iago, and how he spells out his motivations. Some of the time he's talking, he's alone, and we have no reason to misdoubt him. Desdemona's minor tugging against domestic restraints allow Iago to use her as a tool, and they are part of the play. (Look at the warning given to Othello about keeping track of her in Act I, after she fools her father.) However, in the end, those are excuses. Many others are destroyed, and not all share this quality, so this was a tool or excuse, not a primary cause. Desdemona must die because Iago hates Othello, and because her death would hurt him.


jazzapril | Student

i belive that critics who assume desdemona was unable to portay the lifestyle of a housewife have never been a young teenage girl. alothough shakespeare himself may not have been in touch with young women he writes her to be strong but nieve . i myself have been through a similer situation to desdemona and i understand her naieve motives. othello was worng to kill her and he realised that after.