How far did the people of Germany benefit from Nazi rule?

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The answer to this would have been different for different groups of Germans at different times.  Overall, it is very hard to say that any Germans benefited much from Nazi rule.

Especially before the coming of World War II, it would have been possible to argue that Nazi rule was helping many Germans.  Nazi rule appeared to be what pulled Germany out of the serious economic problems it had been facing.  Nazi rule allowed Germany to get out of the humiliating provisions of the Treaty of Versailles.  By 1939, Germany was seen as a serious world power once again.  This would have helped Germans feel better about themselves and their country. 

However, these benefits did not reach all people and were not going to last anyway.  Jews and other “racial” minorities suffered in Germany even before the Holocaust.  Labor unions were crushed.  Political rights were taken away.  Then, of course, came the war.  The war resulted in the complete devastation of Germany.  It resulted in Germany being torn apart and the people of East Germany forced to live under communism. 

In the final analysis, we cannot possibly say that Germans benefited from Nazi rule.  There were transitory gains for some people, but in the long run, Nazi rule was disastrous.

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