How far can Angela Carter's novel, The Bloody Chamber, be considered a gothic novel? What conventions does she obey?

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Gothicism is a genre characterized by the supernatural, violence, horror, and gloom. Much of this describes "The Bloody Chamber." Be it the feeling of the isolated castle, the narrators impending sense of doom and dread, and the violent discoveries within the castle, Carter's novel is definintely in the Gothic vein.

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Moreover the stressed link between death and sex, or, at a stretch, love, within the text is typical of the gothic genre.  Carter uses the narrator's anxieties to emphasise this connection and so the concept of lost innocence, another conventionally gothic theme, is also interwoven throughout the novel.  It has been asserted that Angela Carter intended to retell fairy tales for an adult audience.  The fact that the story in itself is a subversion of the story of Bluebeard also highlights a sense of lost innocence.


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