How is the external setting of Amy Tan's "A Pair of Tickets" essential to what happens internally to the narrator in the course of this story?

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"A Pair of Tickets" is the final chapter of Amy Tan's The Joy Luck Club, and it centers around Jing-mei's trip to China to meet her mother's twins. Jing-mei's mother, Suyuan, had twin daughters in China but was forced to abandon them due to dangerous military conditions as she fled her village. She had assumed they died, but the twins were saved and adopted. They are now looking forward to meeting their mother, but Suyuan has died before they are able to reunite. In her place, Jing-mei travels to China, just as she takes her mother's place at the mah jong table. The physical journey to China also mirrors an internal journey for Jing-mei; she discovers her Chinese heritage, connects with her background, and most importantly with her late mother.

Jing-mei reflects that her mother told her she is Chinese in her bones and that there is a connection to her roots that goes deep, even if Jing-mei feels she is unaware of it. Because Jing-mei grows up in America, she feels disconnected from China...

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