How to explore the poetic art of Nissim Ezekiel?

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literaturenerd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

When researching a poet and their art, it is very important to examine their history. It is very important to understand their childhood, religious background, upbringing, education, socio-economic level, and personal and artistic influences.

As for Ezekiel, it is important to know that Ezekiel was born in 1924 in Bombay. He was born to Jewish parents who were both highly dedicated to education.

Educated in a missionary, Ezekiel shared hie parent's love for education and was renowned at Bombay University for his literary excellence.

Ezekiel is one of the foremost known writers in Indo-Anglian poetry. According to the "Journal of South Asian Literature", Ezekiel believed that poetry was a way of organizing ones self.

Given his education and interest in psychology, Ezekiel was fascinated by dreams. He believed that dreams "represent the imaginative structures of human reality". It was through his examination of dreams in which he found "the why", "the how", "the what", and "the flow". Ezekiel was known for including these aspects within his poetry.

Ezekiel's poetry, as explained by one author in the above named journal, should "be viewed as a metaphoric journey into the heart of existence". Ezekiel's poetry allows a reader to join him on a journey into ones self and their meaning for living.