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The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

by Mark Twain
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How, for example, is Emmeline's character extreme?   humor:irony and exaggeration

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The character of Emmeline Grangerford (who is, of course, dead) is really a caricature.  It is meant to satirize Romantic era writers and artists and their obsession with death and strong emotions.

You can see Twain exaggerating her character in a lot of ways.

  • The fact that all her paintings have titles that end in "Alas" is pretty funny because it is so over the top.
  • The fact that she prays to be allowed to live long enough to finish a picture of a woman committing suicide is extreme.
  • Finally, look at the stuff Huck says about her.  It's really quite amusing.  My favorite is how he says that she is probably better off dead because she is probably happy to be in the graveyard with all the dead people.

Twain is making fun of this artistic movement by making Emmeline's character so ridiculously extreme.

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