How exactly can I prove and explain "initiation," meaning Hazel's transformation within "Gorilla, My Love"?

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I wonder whether we can discuss Hazel's "initiation" by refering to the way in which she learns a very hard lesson about adults and how they relate to children. Let us recall that the central action of the story revolves around the way in which Hazel was expecting to see a film but the cinema puts another film on instead. Hazel as a result stirs up...

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There are certain indicators within a text to symbolize an initiation process, like the change of a name, a journey etc. In the case of Hazel one can find especially the name change theme (when she insists on being called by her full name) and also the journey motif (trip to south - especially meaningful as it is a black girl who experiences a initiating moment). However, the story is an example of an uncompleted initiation story - one can't really tell in what way Hazel is affected by her experiences. At the end she remains confused and puzzeled so she is not able (at that point) to realizes the differences between the meaning of irony and real talk which still marks her as a child. She is on her way but does not experience the full initiation within the stoy.

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A good introduction to the Initiation motif in literature is Peter Freese.

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