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How are everyday products a result of manufactured habits ?

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It has been said "If you want to sell a product, create a need."  Of course, this may be restated several different ways, but the quickest way to sell a product is if it satisfies a need in the buying public in some form or fashion.  Forty years ago, the vision of Steve Jobs and Apple Computer was to make the device so user friendly, so entertaining, and so affordable that every household in America, let alone the world, would have at least one in their possession.  Fast forward to today and we live in a society where people literally can not endure time apart from their smart phones, many of which are manufactured by that same Apple Computer company that envisioned this sort of thing long ago.  So it goes to say again, if you want to sell a specific product, envision how this product is going to change the way the public operates on a day-in and day-out basis.  Smart phones have literally changed how people conduct both their public and private lives.

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