How is Estaban Trueba a protagonist in the novel and does he recieve atonement for his sins in the end?I have to compare this to the Protagonist in Atonement by Ian McEwan... PLEASE HELP

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M.P. Ossa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Esteban Trueba is the protagonist of the story because he either causes or affects the plot in the story more than any other character. He is the anchor of the family, a self-made millionaire, a hard worker, a husband, a father, in all "the man" of the house. He makes it clear to everyone too that, as he sows he expects to reap. He wronged the women of the family with his obsessive and ambitious violent behavior and, in the end, he realized how lonely he became. There was no reconciliation nor atonement coming his way.

Briony is a woman who wronged many people with one bad choice. Like Esteban, she was ambitious and had a strong personality that was stubborn, and moved most of the plot of the story. However, there was no atonement either for Briony: She ended up having to make up the atonement for her actions by bringing together the people whom she separated through a fictional writing, which is the novel of the romance of her sister Cecilia and Robbie.

Therefore, none of the characters obtained the forgiveness that they wish they had as a result of their actions.

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