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How is the environment endangered in many African and Asian states?

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Countries in Asia and Africa are both facing many serious environmental challenges, but for different reasons.

In Asia, rapid urbanization, pollution and population growth have caused major environmental damage. In China, a country that emits more carbon emissions than any other, lax environmental laws have resulted in clean air standards being ignored. Although China signed the Kyoto Protocol, they were granted Annex I status, and thus are not expected to cap their emissions standards. China and other developing Asian nations have had issues trying to balance industrialization with environmental stewardship.

African nations are also trying to maintain this difficult balance. Deforestation is a major concern for many interior African regions as acres of forest are cleared for farming and grazing every year. Poor agricultural techniques have also led to desertification of much of Africa’s arable land in recent years. Biodiversity has been regressing at an alarming rate as well. Poaching, pollution and urbanization have all contributed to major die-off’s in African nations. The factor that makes addressing these issues so difficult for most African nations is a lack of understanding of the causes.     

Africa and Asia are dealing with major issues as best they can, but if these problems aren’t addressed more effectively both nations will begin suffering major economic and health crises in the near future.

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