How does Ender change throughout the book Ender's Game? In what parts of the book is this shown?

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Ender’s Game is primarily a coming-of-age story in which the protagonist develops as he works through a series of challenges. Although Ender is still a child when the novel ends, his maturity is greater than his physical age at the edge of adolescence. Part of that development is gaining a stronger sense of self that is based in his own worth and achievements, instead of constantly comparing himself to his siblings and peers. He must also gain the capacity to think independently rather than accept the orders of authority figures: he becomes a leader. While the boy’s development includes physical journeys, what matters is primarily the emotional and psychological journey. Sadly, to reach this new perspective, Ender must first become a killer.

One of the key steps on the path is Ender’s decision to defend himself against the bully Stilson. When this ends badly, with the other boy’s death, Ender is placed within the militarized society, not simply as another combatant but to train as...

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