How is the emf generated?  What happens if both the magnetic field and the conducters are rotated? What is the internal effect occuring during the generation of emf?

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bandmanjoe eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The letters "EMF" can stand for a variety of things, I shall address this question from a standpoint of it meaning "electromagnetic field", which is the magnetic field created by passing an electrical current through a series of loops of wire.  As the current is passed through the wire, a magnetic field is created which surrounds the wire.  This principle was discovered by Michael Farraday when he conducted a current through a wire, then noticed the wire affected the positioning of a compass needle, which operates by aligning itself with Earths magnetic field.

As to your question, if you change the orientation of the conductors, you change the position of the magnetic field orientation.  This is as simple as taking a magnet, such as a bar magnet, which already has its own magnetic field and turning it in a different direction.  This would change the orientation of the magnetic field.  The internal effect is generated by the flow of electrons through the electrical wire.  If you increase the number of loops of wire, you increase the surface area the electrical field travels, which directly translates to an increase in the magnetic field generated.