How is Elizabeth a foil to Victor in Frankenstein? Examples would be great too :)

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The character who is normally considered the foil to Victor in Frankenstein is Henry Clerval, a close friend of Victor similar in background and intellectual interests, but possessing a better moral compass and considerably less arrogant. Although it is possible to think of Elizabeth in contrast to Victor, she is not his major foil in terms of the structure of the novel.

Elizabeth Lavenza is Victor's foster sister. She differs from Victor because she does not have the sense of hereditary entitlement that he does. Instead, she relies on her own character and virtues to be an admirable person. She is gentle and loving—and lacks Victor's ambition—but is morally superior to him by being compassionate whereas he is self-centered. While Victor is the cause of the monster 's crimes, Elizabeth is the monster's victim. Elizabeth loves the world as it exists, while Victor tries to change the world. Victor is active, and Elizabeth is passive. Victor is motivated by intellect and pride, whereas...

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