How does Eliezer's faith in God change throughout Night?

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At the beginning of the novel, Elie has a strong faith and spends the majority of his days as an adolescent praying in the local synagogue and studying the Talmud. Elie is a fervent Jew, who petitions Moishe the Beadle to teach him the mysteries of the Kabbalah. Elie would spend countless hours praying, mourning the destruction of the Temple, and studying religious texts like the Zohar to become closer to God. Tragically, Elie's hometown is invaded by Nazi soldiers, and he is transported to the Auschwitz concentration camp, where he witnesses and experiences unimaginable horrors.

Elie and his father witness mass murders, experience endless violence, suffer from malnutrition, and survive in a hysterical, dangerous environment, where hundreds of Jewish prisoners are murdered each day. Elie begins to question God's absolute authority and ends up losing his faith after witnessing the tragic death of a young pipel who was publicly hanged and suffered for thirty minutes before finally dying....

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