How are elements of Western Culture different from those of Indian culture ?How are elements of Western Culture different from those of Indian culture ?

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Perhaps this is not the most important difference, but the West is clearly less modest of a society than that of India.  For example, Bollywood movies do not show the amount of nudity or sex that Western movies show.  The West has become much less strict and traditional in this sense.

litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator
Western culture is very commercial and materialistic. Even our religious holidays are turned into shopping events. Christmas and Easter are the most extreme examples. The religious value of the events is all but lost. They have become opportunities to spend money.
sovay | Student
I think western culture= lack of. I haven't noticed any cultural values here unless we're referring to Europe. And there are very few traditions that people still maintain in this country. Of course I'm from the U.k, so it might be different in America.
nidhyatj | Student

To note: Religion, Indian marriages and festivities and social interaction make India very different in terms of culture.

Basically these are the main differences between the two cultures.

nidhyatj | Student

Their lifestyle, food habits,morality,value for life,socialism,mentallity and cultural life are distinct as compared to Indian culture. We take little consideration for our surroundings whereas in the west the community life is very strong where people do not dare to litter,they abide by rules, they have a strong government though their flaws in the governance are not reveiled that clearly as in the Government of India. India has a lot of potential to make clear the political corruption which prevails, but the political transparency makes the Government lie behind when it comes to the governing systems.

We can adopt the good habits of western culture like when it comes to rules and regulations and also conducting ourselves as good citizens in whatever way we can.