In the short story My Greatest Ambition by Morris Lurie, how effectively does the author describe the feelings of anxiety and excitement felt by the boy?please give reference to the text    

birdbakht | Student

Morris Lurie in his story"My Greatest Ambition"Has effectively shown the feelings of excitement and anxiety in the protagonist.He is over excited as his dream is near to reality.The dream to become a comic strip artist was coming true, he is excited for the meeting as its going to be his dreams beginning, Morris lurie has shown the feelings of excitement in the boy in a really attractive manner.He starts thinking about what to wear as he considers it to be a really important step of his life. The author is quite succesful in showing the feelings in the story.

sahil784 | Student

The author Morris Lurie has portrayed the feelings of anxiety and exitement through the boy with successful expertise.The boy is represented by his emotions which make him react in a hyperactive way.The boy is anxious to publish his magazaine with the same view as he kept while writing it he thinks "publication,publication".He is also anxious to talk to the attendant and cannot control his own structure.The most important event is the meeting as he expects great exotical plants neon lights e.t.c.He isexited to be the only one in his schoolto be a comic-strip artist and while talking to the attendant as he is in the meeting.Pressure builds in him during the silences during the meeting as he is exited to expect a job.He is exited at the school and at the praise he receives.The feelings of anxiety and exitement are interlinked and form the basis of criticism on the story as they give a twist in the mood of the story shifting the setting occasionaly. 

naruto901 | Student

Here are some examples through which the author effectively describe the feelings of anxiety and excitement felt by the boy in the story 'My Greatest ambition':

  • when he wrote his first comic strip, he was very excited as he read it several times.
  • when his classmate, Lazarus initiated about the publication of the comic, he couldn't sleep the whole night
  • when he sent the comic to the boy magazine, he anticipated for the reply
  • when he made a call to miss Gordon, he was screeming and was giving quick replies to her questions, which were signs of excitement
  • he was also very concious about his dress as he wanted to look the best on his interview
  • on the way to his interview; in the train he kept counting stations as he was very eager and excited to reach there
  • throughout the interview he gave quick responses and kept smiling