How effective do you find the metaphor of the deer and the hunt in the poem? Is the metaphor retained till the end?

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The metaphor of the hunt allows Wyatt to show the futility of chasing after a woman when a more powerful person has claimed her. He has been hunting her like a wild animal, but she is "wild for to hold" only to him, having been made to "seem tame" by her relationship to the king. She wears a collar of diamonds, labeled like an animal's, that symbolizes her status of belonging to someone already, specifically someone rich and powerful who can provide the diamonds. Wyatt has been trying to hunt her in spite of this, but now he recognizes that there is no point in doing so. He declares that someone else may hunt her but that he himself is now "wearied" in the chase, an attempt as futile as to "seek to hold the wind"...

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