How effective is Charlotte Bronte in gradually revealing the central mystery of Jane Eyre to her readers?

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malibrarian eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I would say Bronte was quite effective with her writing style in that she did not come right out and give away plot particulars, but rather allowed her readers to discover what was happening almost along with the narrator.  Although the narrator is giving us the story in retrospect - these things happened to her long ago - she still reveals things gradually as the story progresses, thus increasing the sense of mystery within the storyline.

Here is a quote from the eNotes study guide on Jane Eyre (link given below):

"Yet the novel's suspense relies on the fact that the narrator is not entirely omniscient—or at least on the fact that she does not reveal key information until the point in the chronology of events when Jane herself became aware of this information."

So rather than saying outright, "This is a story about a girl who loved a man who was already married...but she didn't know that until their wedding," the narrator allows the reader to find out these plot twists along with the main character, Jane Eyre.

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