How is the education system an example of good social control?

Expert Answers
gsenviro eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Social control is a mechanism by which society or social groups try to prevent or limit socially undesirable behavior. Education is a form of good social control. At various levels of our education system, we teach students what is good behavior and what's not. We motivate students to follow good behavioral practices and prevent undesirable behavior by punishment, counseling, etc. Whether we teach a 4 year old how to wipe his nose, or teach a 21 year old college student how to behave during a job interview, we are exerting social control on them. Through education, a society trains people for their future roles in society and imparts what it terms as good and acceptable behavior, so that the individual can fit well. Educational systems are constantly updated to account for changing social perceptions of behavior and conduct, thereby serving as a good social control.