How the earth was born?It was include in earth science.

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sullymonster eNotes educator| Certified Educator

To understand the scientific theory of the Earth's creation, first we must define the Big Bang.  The Big Bang Theory is the theory that the universe started from a single point, and has been expanding ever since.  Scientists believe that the expansion began from a cosmic explosion, but have not identified the cause of the explosion.  The movement of the universe has been verified by observations, such as the apparent movement of galaxies away from us, and the cosmic microwave background radiation believed to be the leftover light from the big bang.

Dust and gas left over from the explosion is what led to the creation of planets.  Molten lava fused together into a spherical shaped object, the outer layer of which eventually cooled.  Volcanic activity produced gas which created an atmosphere.  The existence of the atmosphere allowed for condensation of the water vapor, which eventually led to the surface becoming all water.  Over time, the land mass has risen above the surface of the water.

pmiranda2857 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In your question, you provide both sides of the answer.  There are creation myths or stories that attribute the creation of the earth to God or a Supreme Being, or the Creator.  The link below gives you a sampling of different creation myths.

Science tells us that the earth was formed through what is known as the Big Bang Theory which says that all matter was concentrated together in a big mass and then exploded.

"Earth was born at midnight on this 24-hour clock, 4.5 billion years ago, but its violent history began well before that, when huge ancient stars that had reached the ends of their lives exploded." 

The second link provides you with a detailed discussion of the Big Bang Theory and a host of scientists talking about the formation of the earth.  Good Luck!

astrosonuthird | Student

Ok! Formation of Earth. Hmm.


When the big bang occured there was a very powerfull radiation and expansion and the nebula ( cloud gases) were formed, where there were nuclear fusion and a ball of fire formed know as stars our sun.

And after millions of years the some parts of the sun break down and formed other ball of fire ( very small compared to the sun ). Which were the planets. The small ball of fire ( our earth ) was cooling down.

And it was cooled, not so cooled ( 569 degree celsius ) and then a comet crashed the planet Earth and changed almost everything. Bacteria were formed  one celled orgainsm ) cytoplasm. And then the life began on Earth.

chris820 | Student

it was the gravity heat and other planets

kayren | Student

to know the answer you have to know first the big bang theory.