How are each of the seven deadly sins demonstarted in the story?

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One could easily align the color of each of the seven rooms in Poe's "The Masque of the Red Death" with the seven deadly sins. (This being said, remember that reader-response is how one aligns imagery with other ideas. What this means is that a reader justifies a text through their own filter and lens and makes judgements based upon their own understanding and beliefs.)

1. Blue- Gluttony- Gluttony is where one consumes more than the person requires to survive, or even live comfortably. The color blue can represent the vastness of the sky. Therefore the vastness of the sky represents the vastness of one who is gluttonous.

2. Purple-Pride- The color purple has been historically used to represent royalty. Here, a person who is prideful rejects God's grace and only raises up him/herself.

3. Green- Envy- The representation of one being envious as historically stated "green with envy."

4. White- Sloth- Represented by the color white because white is void of color and a person who is considered a sloth does nothing.

5. Orange- Lust- Orange, as a derivative of red, can be used to represent lust. When one is lustful, they tend to become red-hot: skin will flush, temperature will rise, and they (sometimes) will be unable to control the physical desires of the body.

6. Violet- Anger- Here one can refer back to the fact that some physically turn violet with anger. The color ones face takes on when angry can resemble the color violet.

7. Black- Greed- Greed can be represented by the color black given the pit it will put people in based upon their ignoring of God. Like pride, one can only become greedy when ignoring the fact that God will provide. A person filled with greed is not satisfied with the necessitates. Instead, the person takes from others so that they can have more.