How does each member of the family feel about the Erik Fisher Football Dream?

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The Erik Fisher Football Dream is Paul's name for his older brother's plan to become a high school football star and a college football scholarship recipient.

Mr. Fisher, the father of Erik and Paul, is a very enthusiastic supporter of Erik's dream. Mr. Fisher expresses regret in the novel because he was never big enough to play college ball himself. He is trying to live out his own unrealized dreams through his son. Not only does Mr. Fisher go to all of his son's football games, he also attends all of his practices.

Mrs. Fisher, the boys' mother, is mostly concerned with appearing to have a perfect house and family. She protects her oldest son and lies to her youngest son. She doesn't seem to care about much of anything aside from making her family look perfect to the outside world.

Paul is afraid of his older brother, Erik. When he refers to his brother's goal as the "Erik Fisher Football Dream," it is with a tone of sarcasm and disinterest. Paul's parents pay little attention to him and put his brother on a pedestal. Paul has heard so much about his brother's "accomplishments" that it has become sickeningly repetitive and inconsequential. Paul is not on board with making the dream happen or with keeping up appearances, and he is not impressed by his brother (as is shown through his outing of his brother's misdeeds).

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