How is the dramatic purpose of the ghost in Act 1 of Shakespeare's Hamlet to show the strong relationship between Hamlet and his father before he was murdered?

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Let's go step by step. Reading through and considering the situations of each scene in Act 1 slowly explains to us the relationship between Hamlet and his father.

Firstly, we learn that the ghost of the dead King of Denmark has begun appearing to guards at night time. Each time, the guards try to speak to it and understand what it is and why it appears. But the ghost does not speak and does not respond to them. Horatio, a friend of Hamlet, says that they should inform Hamlet about this, for the ghost that refuses to speak to them shall surely speak to him. This is really the first indication we have as to the nature of the father-son relationship. Horatio, who knew the king well and who also knows Hamlet well, implies that the ghost of the King would not be silent upon seeing his son, indicating that Hamlet and his father had a strong bond before the King's death.

And then consider the entry of Hamlet in Act I, Scene II, when his mother Gertrude immediately criticizes...

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