How does Dr. Moody say that Mr. Nesbitt died in Monster?   

Expert Answers
gmuss25 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

On Friday, July 10th, Dr. James Moody, the Medical Examiner, speaks to the prosecuting attorney, Sandra Petrocelli, on the witness stand alongside Detective Williams, and they explain their involvement in the case. Dr. Moody tells Petrocelli that the bullet entered the left side of Nesbitt's body and traversed upward through his lung. He says that the bullet tore through the lung and esophagus which caused heavy internal bleeding, before finally stopping in Nesbitt's upper trapezius area. When Petrocelli asks if he could tell with reasonable certainty the time and cause of death, Moody says that Nesbitt's death was a combination of trauma to his internal organs, as well as his lungs filling up with blood. Dr. Moody then states that Nesbitt would not have been able to breathe because of the blood in his lungs. Petrocelli then says, "You mean he literally drowned in his own blood" (Myers 137). Steve gasps at Petrocelli's comment, while James King tilts his head and seems to not care at all.