Trifles Questions and Answers
by Susan Glaspell

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How does the title "Trifles" connect to the dramatic irony in the play?

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Dramatic irony is a literary technique in which the audience understands the full implications of something that is said or done in a play, but the character or characters in the play do not have this understanding. The title of the play "Trifles" comes from the seemingly insignificant details that Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peters find in Mrs. Wright's house. Mr. Wright is discovered to be dead, and no one knows whether or why Mrs. Wright killed him.

In looking around Mrs. Wright's farmhouse, Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peters find what Hale, a male neighbor, refers to as "trifles." These include objects such as the broken jars of Mrs. Wright's fruit, which froze when the fire went out (as Mrs. Wright said they would) and Mrs. Wright's dead bird. The irony is that while the men dismiss these details as "trifles," the...

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