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Timothy dies after being injured and losing consciousness during a storm.

When Phillip first finds himself shipwrecked with Timothy, he is mouthy and irresponsible.  Soon he learns to accept Timothy’s teaching and take responsibility.  During a terrible storm, Timothy ties Phillip to a tree as the waves crash over them.

Timothy uses himself as a shield, placing Phillip between his body and the tree.  The waves are violent, and he is in pain.  When the storm ends, Phillip realizes he is naked.  The storm has torn their clothes off.

Timothy had been cut to ribbons by the wind, which drove the rain and tiny grains of sand before it.  It had flayed his back and his legs until there were very few places that weren’t cut.

Phillip is unable to stop the bleeding, and soon Timothy succumbs to his injuries.  He sacrificed his life to save the boy.  Phillip, more mature now, buries him and sets himself about finding ways to survive and get off the island.

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